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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Weight Loss Hunger Craving Tips

Eliminating Cravings for Weight Loss!

Strategy #1: ExerciseYet another reason to do a workout - activity increases endorphin levels and relieves stress. You'll feel inspired and good about yourself, and you'll naturally decrease your food cravings.

Strategy #2: Get a MassageA relaxing rubdown may help relieve anxiety, depression and sleep problems. It can also clear your mind of those food-filled fantasies.

Strategy #3: Read a Book, Newspaper or MagazineLose yourself in a novel or catch up on the news of the day. Even a mindless flip through a magazine will keep your mind - and your hands - on things other than food.

Strategy #4: Listen to Relaxing MusicStudies have shown that soothing tunes can decrease the production of a substance called cortisol, which can lead to carbohydrate cravings. Music can also increase relaxation, relieve stress and provide more clarity and energy.

Strategy #5: Take a Bath with AromatherapyOils of citronella, eucalyptus, sage, lavender and chamomile added to a bath can relax you. Think of this as a special indulgence that won't leave you feeling guilty.

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