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Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Weight Loss

Thanksgiving is one of the happiest holidays of the year but takes it's toll on your weight loss goals.

Dressing, turkey, pumpkin pie, sweet potato casserole, chips, snacks, etc. have become every popular but are the reason for many people gaining 1-3 pounds during this holiday.

It is amazing to see how much weight people gain as each pound of fat you gain is 3500 calories. It is quite shocking but there is hope with these tips.

Thanksgiving Weight Loss Tips:

  1. Wear tight fitting cloths.
  2. Eat something small before you feast.
  3. Make time for exercise.
  4. Lay down some rules for Thanksgiving eating.
  5. Get a buddy to help you out.
  6. Keep a journal on how much you eat.
  7. Don't eat everything you see.
  8. Eat some fresh fruits and veggies throughout the day.
  9. Limit yourself to one plate.
  10. Eat slowly and less but eat the things you enjoy.

Try not to feel bad or try to lose weight during the holidays as this is a time for you to enjoy.

Have a happy Thanksgiving and God Bless!

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