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Sunday, April 22, 2007


Can Coffee Help You in the Fight Against Diabetes?

Coffee reduces diabetes risk among pre-diabetics by over 60%, according to a new study from the University of California at San Diego. The study is the first to expand evidence on diabetes risk reduction to those already glucose intolerant, a precursor to full-blown diabetes.

Published in the November issue of Diabetes Care, the study revealed that coffee offered protection at the same, significant levels for those beginning the study with high fasting glucose levels, indicating pre-existing glucose intolerance, as it did for those with normal levels. In fact, those with elevated glucose levels showed a lower risk of developing diabetes than those starting out with normal glucose tolerance.

Reduced Risk

Past or current coffee drinking resulted in a diabetes risk factor of 0.38 on a scale where 1.0 is average risk in the general population. That means risk was reduced in coffee drinkers by 62%.

Uncovering the first evidence that coffee also reduces diabetes risk among pre-diabetics, the risk level came in even lower, at 0.31, for the subgroup with impaired glucose. That means pre-diabetics reduced their risk of developing the disease by almost 70%.

These results were independent of age, sex, exercise, body mass index, smoking status, daily alcohol intake, and hypertension. Unlike other studies, they were also independent of the number of cups of coffee consumed daily.


The research team, led by Besa Smith, engaged a study design not used in prior research on coffee and diabetes. The team first separated those with impaired versus normal glucose levels using an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT). In this way, coffee’s protective effect could be assessed separately for each group. The researchers concluded the study with a second OGTT to ensure accuracy in diagnosing those who had developed diabetes.

The study followed 910 non-diabetic adults for an average of eight years. Of that group, 593 had normal glucose at the beginning of the study and 317 had glucose intolerance. Coffee drinkers drank an average of 2.8 cups per day.

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