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Monday, March 13, 2006

Fasting For Weight Loss

Fasting has always been one of the favorite ways to drop a couple pounds but is it really worth it and can weight loss be achieved with fasting?

Doesn't fasting clean our bodies and gives us a brand new start whether you are going to try a new weight loss program or diet. Fasting a miracle worker or does it just trick our bodies and later hurting us?

When putting your body through a fast you will experience pro and con benefits from this decision but fasting can improve your bodies control in so many ways that can lead to weight loss.

Weight loss with fasting...

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TeeJay said...

I don't know the pros and cons of fasting, but I really need to lose 40 pounds by june as I'm getting married.

I started a juice fast last month which only lasted 4 days before I gave it up due to stress and fatigue.

It does make me eaxhausted, but my fat too drives me crazy!!!

The thing is I believe it works, but should only be done under strict supervision (at a medical center or similar).

I hope to losxe at least 30 pounds. The maintenance is my only problem.

Does anyone know how to maintain weight loss?