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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How to Take Care of Your Fat Belly? Abdominal Fat?

How to Lose Belly Fat?

To burn abdominal fat or to burn belly fat for weight loss, it is very important to remain active. You should aim to reduce fat from your body as a whole, not just from abdominal or "fat belly". Body fat is like one organ, that is throughout your body, and you can't take it off from just one spot, viz. belly.

  1. Eat less salty foods.
  2. Drink 8 glasses of water daily to avoid fluid retention.
  3. Remain physically active to burn calories. Different activities burn different number of calories. Choose an activity suitable for you.
  4. Do cardiovascular exercise (for at least twenty minutes, five times a week) like walking, jogging, swimming, bicycling, tennis, basketball, etc. You can also use a fitness ball. Remain in the target heart rate zone of the exercise intensity.
  5. Walking briskly for at least thirty minutes puts all of the abdominal muscles to work.
  6. Add more mass to your muscles. Concentrate on all the muscle groups. Work down from the largest to the smallest muscles. Concentrate on these muscles in order: front and back of thighs, buttocks, back, chest, triceps, biceps, calves, hips, forearms and shoulders. Exercises with fitness ball or gym ball can be used for all the muscle groups.
  7. Stabilize your blood sugar by eating every 2-3 hours. Know about glycemic index of foods and eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries, and whole grains with low glycemic index list values.

Start with these few and simple tips that will help your weight loss and burning belly fat away.

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