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Friday, September 29, 2006

Weight-Loss Trick Experts Don't Tell You #3

by Cabria T. Groccia, R.D.

Know Your Fats: Mono, Poly and More

To modify the amount and type of fat you eat, you have to know the major players for weight loss:

Monounsaturated fats: Good in moderation
Peanuts, avocados, olives, olive oil and canola oil are storehouses for the monounsaturates. Diets high in these fats — such as those in Mediterranean countries — are associated with lower rates of breast cancer and coronary artery disease.

Polyunsaturated fats: Good in moderation
Also known as essential fatty acids, polyunsaturated fats are found in vegetable oils, salmon and mackerel. Since your body cannot manufacture these fats, you have to eat them. For optimal health, you need to eat 10 to 15 grams a day or you can develop nutrient deficiencies.

Saturated fats: Mostly bad
Found in meat, butter, milk, cheese, ice cream, chocolate, and coconut and palm oil, saturated fats tend to be solid at room temperature. Saturated fats raise blood cholesterol in most people; excessive consumption increases your risk of coronary heart disease and obesity.

Trans fats: Mostly bad
These man-made fats are found in margarine, shortening, and most packaged baked goods, crackers and candies. The label tip-off: "hydrogenated" or "partially hydrogenated" appearing before any oil or fat. They are similar to saturated fats in their effect on the body.

10 Ways to Eat More Good Fat

All fats are high in calories — nine calories per gram. To avoid gaining weight as you eat more beneficial fats, use them in place of heart-damaging saturated fats.

To get you started:

1) Hold the pepperoni (4 g saturated fat per 3 oz.) and order your pizza topped with anchovies (1 g omega-3 per 3 oz.).

2) Pick surf over turf:Instead of sirloin steak (6.4 g saturated fat per 3 oz.), try salmon (1.2 g omega-3 per 3 oz.).

3) Forget the cheddar cheese and crackers(6 g saturated fat per oz., 1.2 g saturated fat for six crackers) and celebrate with caviar (1 g omega-3 per Tbs.).

4) Skip the feta cheese(4.2 g saturated fat per oz.) and top your salad with walnuts (1 g omega-3 per oz.) or avocados (4.5 g monounsaturates per oz.).

5) Instead of pouring bottled blue cheese dressing(1.5 g saturated fat per Tbs.), make your own with olive oil (10.3 g monounsaturates per Tbs.) or walnut oil (1.5 g omega-3 per Tbs.).

6) Stop sauteƩing in corn oil(9.8 g saturated fat per Tbs.) and use canola oil (9.1 g monounsaturates per Tbs.).

7) Don't gobble a turkey sandwich(O.5 g saturated fat per 3.5 oz.) for lunch; pack tuna (0.5 g omega-3 per 3.5 oz.).

8) Better than butter(7.1 g saturated fat per Tbs.) is bread dipped in olive oil (10.3 g monounsaturates per Tbs.).

9) Ditch the sour cream dip(1.6 g saturated fat per Tbs.); instead, eat celery and carrots with peanut butter (4 g monounsaturates per Tbs.).

10) At the sushi bar, skip the teriyaki chicken(0.9 g saturated fat per 3 oz. of breast meat) and savor the shrimp (0.3 g omega-3 per 3 oz.).

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