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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Weight Loss Fitness Tips

Fat to Muscle
It is a common fallacy that working out with weights will cause your fat to turn to muscle. Muscle and fat are two different kinds of tissue. When you do weight training, you will build up muscle, but that muscle will take the place of fat that you lose. When you first start a weight loss diet program, you may want to concentrate on cardio exercise, along with your healthy eating, and add weight training later. If you prefer, you can start weight training right away, but don't neglect the cardio.

Walking or Running to Burn Fat
You can burn fat and calories by either walking or running. In general, how much depends on how far you go, and running the same distance takes less time than walking. Still, if you prefer to walk, do that and just go for a longer time. To get much weight loss, you should walk or run at least three miles most days. You can get better results by combining your exercise with a little calorie reduction.

Cutting out some junk food like a soda or doughnut every day works great, and the cardio exercise is especially good for burning fat in the stomach area. You don't have to do your walking all at once. You can do 20 minutes or so twice a day if you want.

Children Fit in 60 Minutes
Keep your kids healthy with fitness! Unfortunately, kids are leading an increasingly sedentary lifestyle surrounded by junk food (even in schools). The USDA and the Centers for Disease Control promote youth fitness and health through several programs such as VERB, Powerful Bones for Powerful Girls, BAM!, Body and Mind, and Kids Walk-to-School.

No matter what the youth fitness program, the USDA and CDC recommend 60 minutes per day of physical fitness activity for children and adolescents.It’s important to note that kids don’t have to go a full hour straight. A fitness routine for your preteen or teen could include a run in the morning, a game of Frisbee with friends and the dog in the afternoon, and shooting hoops at night.

Just make sure your child or teen enjoys some muscle exercise and some cardio, and burns some calories. It’s one of the best, most lasting gifts you’ll ever give your children.

Plyometrics and Kenpo
Are you looking for extreme fitness without having to climb a cliff or jump out of a plane? The following two fitness programs can appeal to any adrenaline junkie.Plyometrics, also known as jump training, has been proven to dramatically improve athletic performance. If your sport involves a ring, rink, field, court, or track, over 30 explosive jumping moves will give you the edge.

Although all you need for this extreme fitness routine are running shoes, a plyometrics mat, a chair and a special plyometrics monitor, you’ll feel as though you’re training for an episode of “Fear Factor.”The Kenpo muscle fitness routine sounds like Tae Bo, for good reason. Martial arts are extreme fitness, and kenpo (a style of Chinese kung fu), is no exception.

This fitness program was created to give P90X users a high-intensity cardiovascular workout packed with lots of punching and kicking combinations to improve balance, endurance, flexibility, and coordination, as well as self-defense.

Take Vacations
Airport lines, security screenings, delays all pale in comparison to a shortened lifespan. Pack some fitness equipment in your carry-on and exercise (just use plastic so you don't set off the metal detector.) Or take a drive in the country to a B&B where you can hike for fitness.It's been shown that men who take more vacations live longer and have better health than those who never get away.

Take an active vacation, such as skiing, hiking, snorkling, or walking all around a city that is new to you, and you'll get even more benefit.

Keep with your weight loss goals...

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