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Friday, September 01, 2006

Jessica Simpson Reveals Weight Loss Secrets

By Tina SimsAug 23, 2006

Jessica Simpson raised some eyebrows when she stepped out on stepped out for dinner at Matsuhisa on August 4. Her little black dress was less than flattering according to many opinions and even sparked US Weekly to ask if she was 'channeling Britney Spears' on their blog.

But on Sunday the stunning singer and actress looked fabulous and slim.

Was it just a bad wardrobe choice or did jess drop the pounds. It was likely a bit of both but Jessica was more than happy to share her workout secrets with Us.

“I have been working out five days a week for two hours a day,” the 5-foot-3 singer, 26, told Us the morning after the show. And in the past two weeks alone, she lost 8 pounds. (Most doctors recommend shedding a pound a week for healthy weight loss.) “There are no tricks,” says the size-2 star. “There is no easy way.”

According to the weekly magazine's website workouts alone haven’t whittled the waistline of Simpson, who wears size 26 jeans. The singer – who indulged in a pre-diet Caesar salad, sea bass, shrimp cocktail and chocolate lava cake at Beverly Hills eatery the Lodge Steakhouse on August 1 — has revamped her diet as well.

Once a devotee of the Zone Diet (she still favors the plan’s snack bars) as well as the South Beach Diet, the meat lover now follows a junkfood-free regime created by her trainer Mike Alexander.

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