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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New Food Pyramid

I came across this subject when I was reading one of my favorite blogs and wanted to read a little further on this new food pyramid.

This food pyramid estimates by each person’s age, sex, and activity level
on the correct amount of certain foods each person needs. I was so excited reviewing this new tool for guiding people towards healthier nutrition for maximum weight loss.

Not only does it calculate how much calories and certain foods each individual needs but recommended foods from each food group you need and what portions. Now I like that.

It is good to see someone that notice the food pyramid was not made for everyone in this society unlike it was along time ago. My whole family consists of farmers and work very hard so the old food pyramid actually is what they should follow but people that have desk jobs should be shrilled about this new tool.

I love it when the fitness industry actually supply’s correct tool, tips, and information for healthier living and ultimate weight loss.

Go check out this new tool at and see for yourself if it is a plus for future health and nutrition.

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