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Friday, May 12, 2006


Diet guidelines

You know what you need to do - here’s how to do it.

  • Always include some vegetables on the lunch or dinner menu, particularly green leafy varieties such as broccoli, cabbage, spinach, kale, sprouts and salad greens, all of which are low in calories.
  • Fruit is great, but there are limits – five bananas a day are not a sensible option for slimmers, for example, because of their relatively high calorie content. Bear in mind that a lot of fruit is high-calorie (although lower than chocolates, of course), but if you indulge yourself in a pound of grapes at a time you'll have swallowed 350 calories.
  • Eat more starchy foods at expense of fatty foods but don't add butter or fatty sauces to them
    Go for lean meat and fish and poultry without the skin.
  • Low-fat dairy produce – such as semi- or skimmed milk can save a lot of calories and you'll soon get used to the different taste. Don't eat a lot of cheese, but opt for beans or oily fish instead.
  • A multivitamin, multi-mineral supplement can be useful when you're cutting calories.

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