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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Weight Loss Supplement Hoodithin Facts:

1) Pure Hoodithin is 100% All Natural. Hoodithin is not a drug. If you buy the right kind it will work. You will eat less, feel full, not be hungry as often, and lose weight.

2) Pure Hoodithin is Caffeine, Ephedra and Stimulant free.

3) EVERY clinical case has shown people have been able to reduce their calorie intake by 900 to 1,100 calories daily. This is enough for most people to lose a pound every three-four days.

4) Hoodithin has no known side effects, no heart racing like you get from ephedra

5) Helps you lose weight naturally by suppressing appetite and allowing for comfortable normal feeling calorie reduction.

6) There are 13 species of Hoodithin which are native to Southern Africa but ONLY ONE variety - the "Gordonii" has the needed natural ingredients for weight loss.

7) If you purchase the cheap imitation products sold by people out of their garage that you see on EBAY, and in the Google and Yahoo ads you will NOT have the results shown on the Personal Diet Results pages. Folks I have been through this over and over - read about the nineteen companies that have sent me Hoodithin Gordonii Cactus products to test and how only a couple of them really work.

8) Rats, a species that will eat anything from meat and plants to indigestible fiber, lowered their dietary calorie intake to a degree that made them get thin when fed comparative amounts of hoodoo.

9) Hoodithin is the most effective plant ever found for reducing your appetite

10) Laboratory experiments show animals automatically restrict their food intake when taking hoodithin orally.

11) Hoodithin effects the central nervous system by exhibiting powerful feelings for weight control, where changing your behavior reduces caloric intake.

12) Multiple scientific studies prove effectiveness.

13) The active ingredient called P57 is patented.

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