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Monday, May 15, 2006

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The MESOMORPH for weight loss!

Mesomorph Body Types are characterised with broad shoulders, narrow waist, naturally large muscles and fast metabolism due to the amount of lean muscle. For men a mesomorph looks like a natural muscle man with a heavy, hard and athletic physique.

Hard Body
Hourglass Shaped (Female)
Rectangular Shaped (Male)
Mature Muscle Mass
Muscular Body
Excellent Posture
Gains Muscle Easily
Gains Fat More Easily Than Ectomorphs
Thick Skin

Training: Having a mesomorph body type makes weight loss alittle easier but training to your body type will maximize your weight loss. When cleaning up eating habbits, eating frequently throughout the day, and exercise an appropriate amount losing weight should not be a problem. Exercising should consist of strength training and cardiovascular exercise that takes weight loss to a whole new level so learn more about nutrition.

Mesomorph for weight loss...

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