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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Quick Weight Loss

Why is it so important to quick weight loss to have a colon cleanse?

-85% of all sicknesses and disease being with an unclean colon.
-No more bloating, constipation, belching, diarrhea, digestive problems, gas, and indigestion.
-Stop hunger cravings for food, sweets, desserts –and even chocolate.
-Higher metabolism, amazing weight loss, flatter waistline, and increased energy.
-Younger looking, clear skin, bright eyes, and shiny hair
-Eating more than you thought you ever could, and still not gaining any weight.
-And much much more...

Here are some facts you should probably know:

Over 90% of Americans are walking around with clogged colons up too 25 pounds of undigested food, slime, foul and putrefied fecal matter trapped in your intestinal tract?
Your metabolism and digestive track can be twice as slow if your colon is filled with undigested food meaning your burning only half the calories you could be burning.

More than 45,000 laxative and cathartic remedies manufactured and used in the United States alone. In a recent year, laxative sales were conservatively placed at $350 million.

That’s a lot of constipation!

Our colons were intended by nature to function as smoothly flowing sewer systems in order to promptly flush digestive wastes from the body. If during a bowel movement you have to push, rush, strain or wait, then without a doubt you more than likely got a colon problem.

Quick weight loss with colon cleanse...

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