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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

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Dualaction Cleanse the weight loss supplement that has changed lives.

Cleansing your body will make losing weight twice as fast and twice as easy as you will have an incredible amount of energy, faster than ever metabolism, and hunger cravings will disappear. Imagine after every meal having a bowel movement to release all that toxic junk in your system leaving you energize, and feeling great.

Without a clean colon you have no idea what energy, and feeling good and healthy is all about. Give yourself a fresh and new beginning for health, weight loss, and feeling great everyday. Cleanse yourself and I promise it will be 100% worth it.

My review/experience: I first heard about Dualaction Cleanse on TV and it amazed me so much I had to give it a shot to speed up my metabolism, get all the stuck undigested food in my system out, and to increase my energy. That was my goal but what I didn't know is everything else it did for me.

I went on a 30-trail, and in less than 3 days instead of have bowel movements once a day, I was having around 3-4 healthy bowel movements a day. And, this does not make you have to run to the bathroom, it's 100% natural and easier than you can imagine. About a week into it I started sleeping better than I have in years, and had an incredible amount of energy. Some people were not thrilled with that, but boy was I excited. I also started not eating as much, because my body was able to distribute my nutrients I just ate throughout my body.

Of course I lost quite a few pounds in the process, and to be exact it was about 10 lbs. Keep this I mind though. I have been into fitness and nutrition for the past several years so I feel that my system was pretty clean, but if you have not been that good with your eating and exercising you will need to take this more than me.

After the 30 days I feel alive, full of energy, and really just feel healthy and clean inside. I'm going to do it again pretty soon because I love everything it has done to my body, and I have never felt better in my life.

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