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Monday, April 24, 2006

Weight Loss Tip

Great weight loss tip is to drink water.

Most people know that our bodies consist of mostly water and to be exact about 80% water. Then why don’t we base our fluids on drinking mostly water as it is very important in this lesson on how to lose weight quickly? One of the myths that I have heard lately is that water will make you bloat up and gain weight.

First, the only weight you should be trying to lose is fat and second, water does not make you bloat up it actually helps flush out your system of all the toxins and helps lubricates your joints. If you do not get enough water yes you will lose weight. But the weight you will lose is water and muscle that will slow down your metabolism, dehydration occurs and fat just piles right on your body.

When you drink enough water your body is able to do all its function and aids in burning that unwanted fat.Try to drink at least ten 8 ounce glasses of water every day and limit your caffeinated and favored liquids that you love so much for awhile.

Another tip on how to lose weight quickly is try drinking a glass or two when you wake up as it will prepare your body for the day ahead of fat burning. Or what I found that worked was going between drinking cold water and hot water to make your body burn more calories to keep your body temperature changing.

But that a little excessive so just try to increase your water in take. If it’s hard for you to limit your other liquids and drink mostly water just do the best you can and remember every thing the water is doing for you. Drink water for weight loss....

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