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Friday, April 07, 2006

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Colon cleanse for weight loss. You might be wondering why the heck do I need to do a colon cleanse? Let me explain why it is so vital. This is one of my favorite tips on how to lose weight quickly.

A person can store up to five pounds of waste is their system and can lead to a huge decrease in metabolism, body feeling hungry more and dangerous toxicity can be built up. Your metabolism has decline because your body can not get the nutrients it needs from the waste and leads you to feel even more hungry while just adding up to the waste in your system by eating more food.

As the waste builds up your bodies in collecting nutrients from food will decrease because of the waste blocking and limiting absorption. Even though all of our organs are pretty compact and heavy, you need to make sure you don’t have five pounds of waste in your system adding more stress on your body.

70% of people around the age of 60% go to the doctors because of health reasons. What they discover is that over the years they have packed in pounds and pounds of fat into their systems in tell their body couldn't take it any longer.

The doctors know exactly how to treat this. Without knowing it, the patients notice that they go throw around a three day bowel movement that is easy and painless. After the three day period each patient felt energized, not as hungry, and this tip on how to lose weight quickly is needed by everyone that lives in this society today.

Just think of colon cleanse as a new start, we all would like a second chance in improving our bodies. My experience with colon cleanse was one of the top factors of why my metabolism is so high and anything I eat will not leave me feeling bloated or release excess air if that’s a polite way to say it. And one thing I need to clear up, it will not make you have to run to the bathroom every second that is a myth. It’s easy and harmless.

Just remember, a clean colon is your first defense against sickness and chronic diseases. So, start over and maximize your weight loss and build a strong and healthy body. Learn more how a colon cleanse will maximize weight loss.

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