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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Quick Weight Loss

Quick weight loss by eliminating eating after 6pm.

Last meal at 6pm is a great way to burn off all those calories you just ate and from the whole day before you go to bed. People that go to bed after eating or snacking are likely to store more fat as their bodies are trying to find a place for the energy to go.

The later it gets the more your metabolism slows down as it is preparing for sleep mode and any excess food will not be burned but will likely go to fat. Not eating after 6pm gives your body plenty of time to burn up the calories you ate while burning fat through the night. If you’re getting the right amount of sleep around 8 hours, then you burn about 400 calories a night on average.

But as I'm giving you these tips on how to lose weight quickly, it’s your choice if you want those calories to be stored as fat or your body could be burning fat throughout the night.

Quick weight loss by eliminating eating after 6pm...

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