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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Weight Loss Professional

Chad is the creator and president of Global Health & Fitness the #1 weight loss fitness program online.

Chad is a certified personal trainer and weight management specialist while having a BS degree in Exercise and Sport Science. Before GHF, Chad held training seminars on exercise, fitness, nutrition and wrote article, studies, and experiences to over 300 health-related magazine, newsletters, and websites.

Being one of the elite fitness coaches in the world, Chad has created the ultimate health & fitness program in the world with around 30 of the top fitness professionals working together in this one program.

Thousands of people are searching for the best weight loss program online but for most it will take several disappointments before they discover Global Health & Fitness's weight loss, and body transformation program.

Chad and the other 30 fitness experts guide people away from all the quick weight loss, and best weight loss programs that will only leave you disappointed, and in worst shape than when you started. Fitness and healthy living is a life long journey but if you educate yourself by Chad and his team of 30 fitness experts they can teach you how to make a healthy life style enjoyable, and worth every second.

Take a closer look at this #1 online weight loss program ever created...

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