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Monday, April 17, 2006

Weight Loss Professional

I believe Tom Venuto is one of the #1 weight loss professional in the world.

Tom in the past 14 years, through a long and painstaking process of trial, error and experimentation, has developed a sure-fire, 100% guaranteed system for losing body fat based on the little-known nutrition secrets of competitive natural bodybuilders and fitness models.
Tom has been bodybuilding for 23 years and competing for 17 years. He also has been involved in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, health club manager, nutritionist, motivation coach and freelance writer for nearly 18 years. Bodybuilding and fitness is his life - it's all he's ever done.

Tom has a BS degree in exercise science, and is certified as a strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and a certified personal trainer (NSCA-CPT). Also being a member of the International Society for Sports Nutrition (ISSN), the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the National Strength And Conditioning Association (NSCA).

Tom's book Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is the #1 best selling and result proven book ever published. He is to say the #1 fitness professional alive, and no wonder he is one of the top natural bodybuildiers.

Weight loss with Tom Venuto...

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