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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Can Substitutes Kill You?

Can food we believe to be healthy actually be hurting our weight loss, bodies and our health. So, are so-called health foods and sugar-free substitutes actually good for us?

Aspartame is known for being 200 times sweeter than actual sugar and that is why most people use it instead of normal sugar.

What they didn't tell you is that in a study done in 1970 showed aspartic acid caused holes in mices brains and monkey died or had grand mal seizures.

Since 1980 many complaints have been pouring into the FDA offices about people having head aches, mood swings, increase appetite, and much more. People's appetite increase because sweeters are so sweet that once they hit the mouth they signal the body carbohydrates are coming when they are really not.

Depression is believed to be the biggest downfall of sweeters as they give our body that instant sweet burst them there are actually no calories involve.

I don't know much about substitutes as I use them all the time but maybe it is time we start watching actually how much we use. I will put more information soon on my website top weight loss site later.

Have a great the and God bless!

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