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Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Years Resolutions Are Dead

It is about that time when everyones new years resolutions are slowly dying down and in about a month our society will be back to its normal schedule and thinking next year will be the year to achieve weight loss.

How many years have we done this?

I believe the United States is the nation of procrastination as we set our minds to so many things but never finish them or even give them a chance to work out. Health and fitness is one of the biggest things people put off because of the lack of time in their lives.

Simplicity is what I believe to be the problem in our society today. We all have busy lives but do you know how that effects our health? It is possible to slow down and try a little to ease our lives for the better of having a long life.

I will talk about this later but for now just think about it and tell me what you think as making our lives having less stress will help you live longer and achieve weight loss, health, and fitness.

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