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Monday, January 29, 2007

LA Fitness Becoming #1

As you might know that I am working as a personal trainer and nutrition consulor with some really awesome trainers. This is my first time working at LA Fintess and I have to say the members here are the most enjoyable that all the other gyms I worked at.

Most people that come to me for training want to achieve weight loss and toning their body as are women. I do think guys like to tell them how to lift weights. I know a year or two ago I would not listen so I am not any better.

While it has only been a month at LA Fitness I have to tell people that I have found 24 hour, Gold's, and other gyms not as enjoyable as LA Fitness. They offer their members so much and the people I work with that do memberships and sales actually care about people joining to improve their health.

This has been an awesome place to be apart of and I can't wait till I get to start training some athletes.

I will start writing reviews about certain gyms on my website top weight loss site in a little while so that is something I have to look forward too.

Well, have a great day and God bless!

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