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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Drink Healthy with Coffee

So many studies, reports, and reviews have been confusing people up with coffee a healthy beverage that can help you with your weight loss and fitness goals.

Overall, coffee has been debated on offering a variety of health benefits against health risk like cancer and diabetes. Even though coffee may not deserve to be equal with other healthful foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains it still has several health benefits that are becoming known.

Benefits of coffee:

1) Helps reduce cancer
2) Speed up digestive track
3) Protection against diabetes and heart problems
4) Improves alertness and concentration

A study in Finland had the consumption of three to six cups of coffee per day with a 25 percent lower risk of diabetes. That means you are 1/4 less likely to get type II diabetes.

I am glad to know that over 108 million Americans drink a morning cup of coffee as with its potential health benefits that can impact ones life and the length of ones life.

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