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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

South Beach Diet Foods

So what will you be eating when on the South Beach diet for weight loss?

On the South Beach diet you will love what you eat, but will not eat like it. You'll sit down to dishes like Spicy Seared Tuna, Chicken Ceasar Salad, and Roasted Portobello "Pizza." Enjoy grilled fish and steak, roasted chicken and vegetables, and fresh, Miami-style salads.

The first phase of the South Beach diet is really the only strict part of eating healthy as in the second and third part you are able to start bringing back certain foods into your diet.

When you join the South Beach Diet™ Online, we’ll customize your plan and guide you through each of the three phases.

  • Complete personalized diet
  • Recipes and food guides for each Phase
  • Weight-tracker tool
  • Your own journal
  • Daily email newsletter
  • Online dietitians
  • Friendly, supportive community
This diet may seem like a diet plan you can stict to for achieving weight loss or if not there are many other diets that will have you eating healthy and losing weight naturally.

For more information and diets reviews please visit top weight loss site and educate yourself on the diet that is right for you.

Have a great day and God bless!

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