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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weight Loss Supplements Secretly Used

I have just come across a couple articles that research and did studies on people using weight loss supplements without telling their doctors about it.

Women aged 18-34 had the highest reported use of nonprescription dietary weight loss supplements. Most women are keeping what type of supplements from their doctor out of imbarrassment and just not wanting them to know what they are doing.

The absolute best thing to do though is to ask your doctor about some of the leading weight loss supplements and get his opinoin on which ones would be safe to use. Some supplements might affect your bodies help if you have a health condition so asking your doctor on the best way to achieve weight loss is the best way to go about this issue.

Doctors will mostly recommend exercise, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep to lose weight but some people want to take a magic pill that will make weight loss easier than this. But going natural to lose weight is the best way for permanent results.

I am not a doctor but I also recommend eating healthy, exercise, and getting enough sleep as weight loss supplements might be the easy way out but most of the time they are a waste of money.

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Have a great day and God bless!


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