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Friday, March 23, 2007

Starting Weight Loss With A Bang

Achieving weight loss and keeping it off has been proven by many people's efforts to be difficult. With these tips I will show you how to achieve incredible body changing results for losing weight and toning your physique.

Weight Loss Tips

Set the Correct Goals - Goal setting is the foundation for achieving weight loss and reaching all your body changing goals. The best way to being is to list two or three goals you would like to achieve that would keep your focus, be specific, attainable, and forgiving.

Reward Success (But Not With Food!) - Rewarding yourself for achievements and goals being met can continue you to keep going on achieving weight loss and eating healthy. Treat yourself to a movie or music CD or taking an afternoon off from work or just an hour of quiet time away from family.

Balance Your (Food) Checkbook – It would be wise to monitor yyour eating behavior with a journal, food chart or just writing down what you eat everyday. You should include how many calories you eat, how many servings of fruits and vegetables, how often you exercise, etc.

Avoid a Chain Reaction - Identify those social and environmental cues that tend to encourage undesired eating, and then work to change those cues. Most people have their down falls and always lose control because of one emotional breakdown that they cannot control. Find what triggers you and avoid it at all costs.

Get the (Fullness) Message - Slow down the rate that you eat food at one sitting. That will allow satiety (fullness) signals to begin to develop by the end of the meal. Eating lots of vegetables or fruit can also make you feel fuller than other quick digesting and high sugar foods.

Another helpful hint is not to overbuy at the grocery store. Buy just the healthy things you need every few days and you can avoid snacking and overeating. Clean out all the bad things from your fridge and stock up on the good stuff that will help you obtain your goals.

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Have a great day and God bless!

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