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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hoodia Delivers Weight Loss

Obesity has now been recognized as a serious, chronic disease - a disease that affects more people than any other, a disease that can cause serious medical conditions and early death. But if you are overweight or obese - and in the UK only one in three adults isn't - you will know that the negative effects are often more subtle, beginning with social ostracism including lesser chances to find friends or a partner, and more difficulties to climb up the career ladder.

In theory we all know what it requires to achieve weight loss - eat less and have more exercise - but in practice this is not as easy as it sounds. Why else are two thirds of us still struggling with the problem?

This is where Hoodia comes into the picture. By Hoodia I mean extracts from the African cactus-like plant Hoodia Gordonii. For thousands of years the local people in the Kalahari desert have known that they will feel little hunger on their hunting trips, if they chew the inner parts of this plant.

Researchers from Government institutes as well as leading international pharmaceutical companies have investigated this claim, and found that Hoodia indeed contains an active ingredient which they named P-57, and which directly influences a part in your brain called hypothalamus to suppress the feeling of hunger.

Ah, diet pills, I hear you say, and based on what has been on the market so far, you are right to be sceptical. However, unlike anything you might have tried before, Hoodia is scientifically proven to be effective in suppressing the feeling of hunger, and it has no known side effects, meaning it is neither stimulating nor addictive.

This is important since we all know that it is comparatively easy to loose weight. Keeping it down in the long term is the tough part, but Hoodia can help you with both.

The American Obesity Association, one of the worlds most authoritative sources for information on obesity, lists drug therapy as an effective treatment option to manage weight, and their web site at says: "Drug therapy appears to assist in the adherence to dietary therapy (low-fat, low-calorie diet), and may improve maintenance of weight loss."

Unlike anything that has been on the market before, Hoodia is not only an empty promise. Hoodia can help you to loose weight, and to keep it down in the long term. Hoodia delivers!

Dr Frank Mueller

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