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Monday, March 05, 2007

Genetics Keeping You From Weight Loss

While eating healthy, exercising, and maintaining a regular sleeping pattern is recommended for weight loss and healthy living, scientist believe there is more to it.

Is there more to weight loss than living healthy?

Scientist have been researching the argument of homostasis in the body which means a memory or balance between functions in the body and that also goes for fat.

I don't believe in macro evolution but micro evolution is always a possibility when looking at the issue on why it is hard for others to lose weight and keep it off. Some researchers believe being a certain body type is unescapeabe and it is how your body wants to be.

Scientist are doing studies after studies and test after test to see if a person's genetics have a big influence on there body type.

What can your genetics control?

Certain genetics have you eating more than others, sleeping differences from short to long, how fat is stored, learning ability, what you like, and even the way you think. Genetics can have a huge influence on people and can control the way they turn out as a person.

As of right now nothing is proven but still the interesting issue is that can genetics keep you from looking a certain way or is it all just a mind game.

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Have a great day and God bless!

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