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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hoodia Gordonii Scams & Frauds Exposed!

Article Courtesy of: Truth Publishing - reveals the details of an exhaustive investigation into what may be the largest Hoodia Gordonii supplement scam operating in North America: "the company", company.

  • "the company", is selling counterfeit hoodia as verified by independent lab testing (actual documents revealed below).

  • "the company", is failing to fill their capsules with the promised quantity of powder. Our tests on a digital scale showed that capsules from "the company" contained only 290mg of powder, not 400mg. (Actual digital scale results and photos shown below.)

  • "the company", has sought to steal intellectual property from a competing hoodia company by attempting to preemptively register / steal its trademark and product name. (Documents shown below.)

  • "the company", has stolen Truth Publishing content, modified the text, and posted a distorted version on their own website in an attempt to mislead readers into believing that we solely and exclusively recommend their product, which is absolutely not the case. Click to go to top of page.

  • "the company", operates out of a Nevada corporation set up and run by individuals who operate hundreds of small Nevada corporations, most likely for lawsuit protection reasons.

  • "the company", operates several companies and brands of Hoodia, which are advertised and promoted as separate companies, but are actually owned and controlled by the same people.

  • "the company", operates a series of fake "consumer comparison" websites that deceive consumers into purchasing their "top-rated" products, which are always products owned or controlled by the "the company", operators.

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