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Friday, February 09, 2007

Fitness Gyms Taking Over

Right now I am going to school in San Dimas California and working at LA Fitness but it hit me the other day at it is incredible to see how may fitness gyms, private studios, swim and racquet clubs there are in a small area.

It is astonishing!

Which one is the best and why are there so many?

The top three gyms I have worked at that I believe offer a lot to their members is LA Fitness, Bally Total Fitness, Curves for women, and Cuts for men.

All these gyms offer so much to their members for a decent price but let me break it down to you why they are the best.

LA Fitness

LA Fitness as successful as it is gives their members a large variety of cardio and lifting choices that keep the workouts enjoyable as possible. Most of them even have pools , basketball, and recquet courts.

And might I add that they have the most frequent update machines and equipment for their members. LA Fitness can help anyone achieve better health, weight loss, and improving their fitness level as they have some excellent gyms.

Bally Total Fitness

The fitness clubs I have been to are as I would like to say higher class with their professionalism, wide variety of workout and fitness options, and the people that work their.

The one that is closest to me is very nice and professional with the employees being very knowledgable and kind. They have some of the nicest and maintained equipment with a huge variety of thing to use to create a healthy body.

If you want a gym that is very professional, maintained, and higher classed than this is the gym for you.

Curves & Cuts

I use to hate curves and cuts as in takes people so far and leaves people hitting a slump. That was in tell I worked their.

Curves and cuts is great as one of the biggests problem today is people do not have the time to exercise but there it will only take 20 to 30 minutes than your done.

I noticed a lot of people did it in groups so they kept going with their friends continually as they talk, exercise, and have fun. It is absolutely a blast for some people.

I support curves and cuts now that I have seen what it does for people and getting them to exercise.

I will be putting more information on my site top weight loss site in a little while if you want to continue reading about health and fitness clubs.

Have a great day and God bless!

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