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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Smelling Your Food Might Kill You!

I came across this when I was researching for more information to put on my website top weight loss site and thought it was very interesting.

You have probably heard that people that ate less throughout their life time usually had a longer life and that is what scientist are trying to prove. But the research I came across was smelling your foods might sorten your lifespan.

I thought to myself is this possible?

They did a test on flies on ones that ate a normal diet while increasing the food smell in their atmosphere and the other group of flies ate a normal diet with no food smell in their atmosphere. The outcome was the flies that had no food smell had a life increase of 25 to 50%.

Not only that but the flies with no food smell were able to eat less, did not get hungry as often, and showed more energy.

They did the same test with mice and cats and the results were the same as the flies. Smell triggers all sorts of functions in our body that affect us in so many ways that we have to take them one at a time.

What does this means for us that want to achieve weight loss and improve our diets towards eating healthier, don't be surrounded with the food smell.

This has not been proven but have you noticed that you mostly get hungry when you feel food. My I go to a fair or the park I don't get hungry in tell I smell food as it triggers my body to feel hungry.

Try to avoid the food smell as much as possible and see if that helps and get back to me on it.

Have a great day and God bless!

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