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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Metabolism Tricks To Fire It Up

Cycle Your Calories Daily
Stick to a certain number of calories religiously and your metabolism eventually adapts to that and learns to function more efficiently burning less calories than when you first adjusted your calorie intake. The smart way to keep your metabolism on fire is to cycle calories on a daily basis for weight loss and fat burning. Choose your ideal calorie intake and stick to it three days a week. Two days a week when you’re less active go 200 calories under your ideal intake. Two days when you’re more active go 200 calories over you ideal intake. This keeps your metabolism from slowing down and prevents those dreaded plateaus.

Cycle Your Carbs
Another great strategy is to be smart about your carb intake. Cutting carbs is a common weight loss practice these days and that’s fine, as long as you’re providing the adequate number of carbs on days when you’re more active. You can go as low as 50g a day on days when you don’t exercise and as high as 200g a day on days when you’re more active. The trick is to eliminate all simple sugars (sodas, cookies, candies, and low-fat processed foods that are high sugar) and stick to healthier carbs especially on days when you’re going low. Good choices include all types of vegetables, high fiber grains, and low glycemic fruit.

The 400 Calorie Rule
Have you ever come across those people who only eat one meal a day but are seriously overweight? Maybe you do this and you have no idea why you can’t lose weight. The main reason is you’re body can only process around 400 calories at a time. Any excess calories typically get stored as fat, which is the main reason that 5-6 mini meals a day is much better for weightloss and fat loss. Try this simple trick to get started; take two of your typical meals and divide them into six smaller containers, set up an eating schedule that fits into your lifestyle and just try it for a couple of days. You may feel awkward doing this at first, maybe even a little queasy, but within two days your energy levels will be way up and your cravings will be way down. Example meal schedule:

Meal 1 7am
Meal 2 10am
Meal 3 1pm
Meal 4 4pm
Meal 5 7pm

Don’t Forget Your Water
According to Jay Williams, PhD, author of The 24 Hour Turnaround, “mild dehydration will slow down your metabolism by as much as 3 percent”. She explains that when the kidneys, which flush out waste, don’t have enough water they begin to rely on the liver which works primarily to provide stored fat for energy. If the liver is busy doing the kidney’s job then it metabolizes less fat and this results in less weightloss. Drinking plenty of water also ensures that you don’t retain water weight especially during that time of the month. Try to drink at least 64oz a day and closer to a gallon if you’re very active.

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