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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cruises Destroy Weight Loss and Fitness: True or False?

Absolutely false!

Taking a relaxing vacation on a cruise has tremendously changed with all the adjustments of entertainment, food choices, and physical fitness opportunities. Why is this?

Today health clubs, spas, and sports of all description are a part of the daily lives of millions that seek a healthier life. You're probably one, and like millions of others, you believe that a vacation include the opportunity to keep that level of fitness you've worked so hard to achieve. You can believe that the cruise lines have been listening and have made the changes necessary. Things aboard have changed extremely.

Everything you could ever want like huge halls full of exercise equipment of every shape and size that are top-of-the-line bran new. Floor-to-ceiling consist of glass walls that gives you a spectacular view of the ocean while you work out. Classes of all kinds (yoga, stretching, ab workouts, circuit training, and step aerobics are all most likely offer) take place in these palatial venues. Swimming pools have morphed from mere splash puddles to places where some serious workouts can be done, with artificial currents providing resistance for "endless laps." And that old favorite — jogging — is now given its own track on many liners.

For cardiovascular workouts in intriguing surroundings there's nothing like a luxurious cruise ship to take a vacation. By the way, some of the cruise ships are so large you might have to stick with one lap around as it can been quite a distance.

If you're the type who loves the competitive edge in exercise than you will enjoy sports of all kinds that are available everywhere you look. One cruise line even features rock climbing and in-line skating on its list of exercise activities. Sport areas on cruise ships aren't relegated to paltry little backwaters, either. Depending on the ship, they can cover tens of thousands of square feet of deck space.

Of course, you can get instruction in this health, fitness, and different types of activities area as well. There are also many shore excursions that are geared towards those who love to challenge their bodies as well as look at wonderful scenery — hiking, kayaking, river rafting, and rock climbing in some exotic port of call.

They are intense!

So whether you're the type that likes sweat in the eyes while you work your body, or one who'd rather have cool cucumber slices laid on them while you let your body wrap do its work, everything you could ever wish for is on today's cruise ships health spas. Fitness can still be maintained on vacation as impossible as it may seem.

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Have a great day and God bless!

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