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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Death of Weight Loss

Are your nutrition and exercise areas killing your weight loss goals or are they maximizing them for a lean physique.

You are killing your metabolism if you do these things!

1) Ignoring your body's energy balance - This could happen by getting a limited amount of vitamins and minerals, not drinking enough water, calories consumed are too low, or just not getting enough sleep.

2) Consume more energy than burned off - If you eat more calories than you burn off than you will not lose weight. Making sure that you are eating the correct amount for you to be eating less is the key for weight loss. Focus on what you drink and be smart on the extra condiments and toppings you put on your food.

3) Lower your metabolism - By not exercising, eating frequently, and being active your metabolism will decrease having you burning less calories than wanted. Make sure you exercise with weights and cardio, eat frequently, and keep your day active.

4) Starving yourself - By not eating when hungry, par taking in regular fasting, and depriving yourself the energy that is needed, say go by to burning fat.

5) Unhealthy eating - By mixing food with entertainment, eating to relieve stress, and on-the-go gorging, gaining weight will become the easiest thing you have ever done. Stick to healthy choices like fresh fruits and vegtables with lean meats that will help you burn fat and raise your metabolism.

6) Not keeping track of what you eat - By not keeping track of this candy bar here, and that milk shake there it will catch up on you how much you actually eat. Try to keep track of your nutrition for a week to a month and see if that help you to see the amount of food you need to lose weight.

Well, hopefully you will work on not doing these mis takes but if you would like more information that don't be shy to visit top weight loss site where all the information you will ever need is at your figure tips.

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