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Friday, February 02, 2007

Overeating Hurting Our Health & Weight Loss

Why is it from time to time we over do it on the foods we love. We know we are trying to achieve weight loss but the foods we love are too tempting. What can we do about it?

Control our stress...Thats it!

Most overeating is caused by stress, emotional eating, and enjoyment but we must know that our lives can not be certeres around food. I have had days where I only ate around 2000 calories instead of 3500 calories like I usually do and feel great. By maintaining a healthy body, exercise frequently, and calming down your life to release the stress is the solution.

So many people are being mention to having eating disorders but what the real problem is that their stress or in an emotional state.

If we want to take control of our living in persuit of a healthy lifestyle than we must keep in mind our emtional eating as it controls millions of people. Does it control you?

Take a day or two and think about this issue as it is one that needs to be solved. More information you can find on my website top weight loss site and more in depth.

Have a great day and God bless!

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