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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Experience With Spiritual Health and Fitness

I love everything about health, fitness, weight loss, etc. you name it, I love it! Finding a purpose for loving health so much was always something of interest to me. Why did I have such a passion?

It was God's plan.

I know my interest in healthy living was laid before by God as everything I do in this area flurishes like nothing else.

Teaching, business, gambling just does not sound that interesting to me but health and fitness is something that I will never get tired of learning and doing.

What is your passion or why do you want to be healthier?

Have you ever thought about our passions or why you really really want a healthier life? Is it because the way you look, feel or even you want to improve your life and everything else is not working.

I am just going to tell you now that when I found the reason for my purpose and drive towards health, weight loss, and fitness everything is happening for the best.

I am a strong believer in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior as I have studied and researched about other religions and the evolution side, but only one thing became real. Jesus Christ is the Son of the Most High and came to earth to save us from our sins and death.

God has put so much into my life and is using my passion of health, fitness, and my website top weight loss site to try to explain to people of living for a purpose that has no dead end but everlasting life.

I have found my passion and reason to live. Have you?

Have a great day and God bless!

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