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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cruise Weight Loss Healthy Eating

The temptation of lavishing meals, endless buffets, and tall, frosty beverages can become too much to avoid or consume in moderation. Did I mention the early breakfasts and midnight buffets, this lets you can eat around the clock making it more difficult to eat healthy on vacation.

In most cases, the cost of food is included in your payment for the cruise, so you'll never see a price—essentially, the caviar is free! So is the chocolate croissant, and the filet mignon, and the fettuccine Alfredo, and the crème brulee, etc.

But you should enjoy yourself right?

So you see how easy it is to overeat on a cruise as food is everywhere. Even the best low-calorie, small-portion intentions can add up at 2 a.m. you're still encouraged to nibble on wedges of sea creature-shaped cheese and olives stuffed with lobster.

Don’t avoid everything but use these tips to help you enjoy on cruise without overeating completely.

Cruise Buffet Temptations

· Before going back for seconds give yourself a couple minutes to digest and rest as you might find yourself satisfied.

· Eat at a slow pace, enjoy the food and really emphasize chewing and all the taste of different foods.

· When you have your plate of food, sit in another room or far away from the buffet for a place to eat.

· Become a fan of fruit and vegetables as they will be a lot healthier for you.

· Choose foods you normally don’t get to eat so you will enjoy your meal more.

· Walk around the whole buffet before you load up your plate so you know exactly what you want.

Stay Active As Well

· Use the chances to go snorkeling, diving, or playing on the beach.

· When visiting different places walk instead of taking a bus or taxi as much as possible.

· Use the pool not just for relaxation but for enjoyable lap swim.

· Use the deck for a nice walk after a meal.

· Other activities are dancing, fitness facility, and running on the ship’s deck.

You must remember that you are on vacation though so have fun and enjoy it as much as possible and I guarantee you that eating healthy or just not gorging yourself will make the trip more forth wild.

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Have a great day and God bless!

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