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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Finding Motivation For Weight Loss

Motivation for achieving weight loss is by far the first step that needs to be taken to make sure you won't fail and give up. Finding a drive and reason for you wanting to succeed is what needs to be done before nutrition, exercise, etc.

Being able to off back the your reasons and goals you listed out before is the best way to stay strong and keep going towards a healthier body.

So how can you create this motivation?

What must you do:

Most people begin with motivation but it usually fails soon later when things get a little hard. Seeing a hypnosis could help you figure out these issues and help you find a medium on what you would like to achieve and how dedicated you are.

Accepting your body type and who you are is another tips to help you not get stressed out when things do not go your way. Your body may not be built like some of the super models you see on tv but why would you want to be that skinny anyway?

Another thing is to focus on the positives to not get yourself down when things go bad. There will always be those bumps and stall in your health and fitness journey but stay positive and things will workout for the best.

Setting goals is what I believe to be the bread and butter of completely your health and weight loss goals. Small and big goals need to be made to shoot for something that will give people more motivation.

  • write down your goals

  • set easy goals often so you create a habit of success in the mind

  • set measurable goals - I will lose 1 pound each week. This gives you something to go for

  • tell friends and family about your goals for motivational support

  • make any routine fun and exciting to help maintain interest

  • try new challenging goals to stop your normal routine from becoming a chore

  • reward your success on reaching a goal

  • think positively, replace thoughts like "I can't" with "I can and I will"

  • don't set goals that are too much too soon

Have a great day and God bless!

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